I live in Los Angeles. I currently hold the position of Deputy Digital Editor for TravelAge West, Family Getaways and Explorer magazines. 

I have Arctic river floated and sauna-hopped throughout Finland; fallen fast and hard for Oaxaca City, Mexico; mountain biked in Tuscany, Italy; eaten my way through Great Britain; camped in Morocco’s Sahara Desert; honeymooned in New Zealand and Bora Bora; learned about Chinese history in Thailand's Mae Salong Village; seen the northern lights in southern Iceland; jumped off cliffs in Wales; rock climbed in California’s Santa Monica Mountains; hiked the Lares Trail in Peru; and tried dune bashing in Doha, Qatar — and I’ve written about it all.

I also like to write about trends in travel, with topics including the Gen Z market, the latest in culinary tourism, the rise of experiential hotels, the need to cater to single parents and the next generation of travel advisors.

Other things I thoroughly enjoy: to-do lists, dad jokes, reveling in the great outdoors, Mozzarella (my rescue dog, not the cheese), reading (especially when situated in a camping hammock), leaving Los Angeles, returning to Los Angeles and saying "yes" to dessert.